Saturday, July 14, 2012

FNSI Results?

 Well I confess I have no sewing to show you. I received 2 quilting books in the mail in the afternoon and all plans of quilting disappeared. One of the books is an oldie but goodie by Harriet Hargrave  called Heirloom Machine Quilting. The second is a new release and although it says it's for longarm quilting, a lot of the information pertains to sewing on domestic machines. There are some fabulous designs in the book. 

Harriet Hargrave is coming to teach a machine quilting class next week! When I first found this out  way back in April, I was hesitant to sign up because it was around the time I had to go on a sudden week long "vacation"  to the hospital. I was quite upset to have to say no to such a fabulous opportunity and the class filled up lickety split. Luck was on my side though! My friend suggested I give the store holding the classes a call just a few days ago. It turns out there had just been a cancellation and a spot opened up. Of course I jumped at the chance!!  I've heard she is a phenomenal teacher, and what better way to learn the ins and outs of machine quilting than from a pro!

Happy Stitching


Impera Magna said...

Books are a major temptation NOT to sew... *lol* I don't blame you a bit for spending time with these two!

Anonymous said...

You can always say that you were doing sewing research for FNSI. Yeah, that should work... lol

Mistea said...

Reading and planning is all part of the process, afterall you have a new JUKI to put through her paces.
Enjoy the class.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Getting new Quilting books in the mail is a fabulous thing. Hoping to see you at CCC again one of these Wednesdays!

Raman Job said...

Gee, I have noticed your arms getting appreciably longer, Corina!