Saturday, November 19, 2011

FNSI Results & Quilter's Academy

 Twenty two more 9 patches done. I was pretty happy with what I accomplished last night, that is until today.

At one of the guilds I belong to (Assiniboine Circle) we had a guest teacher hold a Quilter's Academy today. It's like beginner school for quilters following the tips and techniques that Harriet Hargrave uses in her books. I figure that I'm a pretty knowledgeable quilter and I was positive I knew how to do the basics like piecing and pressing - wrong. Today we were shown the proper way to make sure our fabric was on grain, proper cutting tips, the right way to press, how to achieve accurate 1/4" seams and so much more. We were shown little 3 inch finished lemoyne star blocks that were perfectly flat with no lumpy seams and so accurate they were little works of arts. There were 9 patches where every square was exactly the same throughout the quilt.

When I came home I looked at my little 9 patch blocks and wasn't as happy with them. They just weren't treated right.  At this point I have to warn you that if you are sensitive, you might want to skip the next paragraph.

Some of my seams and blocks were tugged and pulled into submission. They had been stretched, picked at, poked, ironed to the point of smoking and even mercilessly ripped apart at the seams. In fact at the risk of being reported to the authorities, I'm ashamed to admit that some were even verbally abused, then thrown heartlessly into the garbage.

Okay, you can read the rest, the abuse is over.

I'm going to take what I learned today and try to be a better quilter (notice I said better, not perfect).  I will  treat my fabrics and subsequent blocks with an iron fist a kinder hand.  There will be more 9 patches made. I will I will not beat the seams into submission, because they will match. I will post before and after pictures and I'm sure you will see the difference.  if they aren't better I'm going to drive my car back and forth over them until they beg for mercy    Or...I'll come to my senses in the morning and just be happy I got some blocks done and love them in all their wonkiness LOL!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of Nine Patch Blocks

I started a new quilt over the weekend. It's from a pattern called Jake from the Quilt Patch in Moosejaw (I LOVE THIS QUILT SHOP!) It's an on-point double nine-patch in very dark tones of browns and rusts. It's another perfect quilt for the men in your life!

 I need to make 125 little 3 inch finished 9-patch blocks, which combine with plain squares to make 25 12 inch finished blocks.So far I've made 65. Now you would think that would be pretty boring but it wasn't. What's the secret to making it fun? Make them while you're on a 3 day retreat!

I spent 3 amazing days at a retreat just on the outskirts of town. It was a wonderful experience (my first official retreat!). Everyone was so friendly, making me feel like I've known them all for years. There was no shortage of talent and I learned a couple of new techniques. Thanks to Myra for organizing it! Now because I have 3 fur boys I wasn't able to stay overnight, but I made sure I was there every morning bright and early! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but my fellow friend and quilting blogger over at QuilterGoingBananas did, so pop by for a visit!

Well, I'm off to make more blocks!

Happy Stitching