Saturday, January 26, 2013

FNSI Results

Working on a little Winter White this week. Very fitting, considering we've had a ton of snow and lots of -34 C nights!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Design Wall & Fabric Shopping Spree

 Here is my new fab design wall. I guess I should have taken a picture before I covered it with the quilt for my husband, but I couldn't wait. A little hard to get the full quilt in the frame, so I took it from a side view. It is such a pleasure to have enough room to lay out a whole quilt.

I guess I was a pretty good wife this year (or maybe Todd has a memory problem Ha Ha). He gave me a fabric lover's dream gift for Christmas-a shopping spree at Hamel's Fabrics!!! It took me at least two hours online to choose what I wanted, and I loved every minute. The package arrived today and I felt like I was a little kid on Christmas morning.
I tore it open before it even hit the table

Fabric HEAVEN!
The colors are showing a little too bright, more muted colors. I really am in love with Civil war fabrics at the moment. In fact, they have ousted Kansas Troubles out of top spot which I never thought would happen. This year I vow to start doing things a little differently. I will use all my favorite fabrics up first, instead of holding on to them because they are too special to cut into. I have more than a few "special" pieces that I've held onto for soooo long I don't even like them anymore Ha Ha. How ridiculous is that!?! Has that ever happened to you?

Well, I have to get back to organizing my stuff. I'm hoping my special order will be here soon and I need to be ready!

Happy Stitching

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sewing Room Redo!

Here is my first UFO of the year, my husband's Christmas gift. I wrapped a picture of the pattern and put it under the tree, with a note saying to look on my design wall. I would have had lots of time to finish the quilt, if I wouldn't have kept changing which pattern I was going to do! This is going to be the biggest quilt I've ever made, at 94" square. I'm pretty sure my husband will see the finished quilt by next Christmas! I'm in the process of piecing a gazillion squares for the borders (slow progress with the redo happening). Most of the fabrics were purchased online from Hamel's Fabrics.  They had a fat quarter frenzy sale and the gals hand picked 50 perfect fat quarters for me, an assortment of Civil War reproductions and muddy, taupey fabrics.

While we were looking at the quilt on the wall, he mentioned that during his holidays he may have time to get a small project done if there was something I wanted, but no guarantees. I can't remember what I said I wanted because the little project has turned into a sewing room REDO!! I am so excited!!

 My old design wall was removed from this closet and shelves installed (funny, I seem to remember a few years back asking to have the shelves removed and a design wall put in, hmmm).
Some of the shelves are just plywood at the moment, using what we had on hand. Eventually they will get replaced with melamine shelving. Two sliding basket units were added, and some empty space was left for larger totes, sewing cases etc. While admiring the setup, I thought the empty space for totes made it look like a desk area. In one of my very rare lightbulb moments, I realized that my existing sewing table setup would fit into the space. So the closet now looks like this!
The beautiful maple set of drawers was made for me by my husband last year :) The sewing table top is a piece of melamine with a cutout and platform for my machine. I have got a lot of work ahead, organizing the shelves. It doesn't show in the picture, but it is a war zone in the other half of the room.

 Tomorrow I will post pictures of the new design wall. It's 92"h x 107" wide, much bigger than the previous one. I just need to buy new batting for it. I can't wait to see all 49 blocks of Todd's quilt on it. I am also waiting for a special delivery for my space, but more about that later!

I'm linking up to Work In Progress Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network. Check out what my fellow Canadian Bloggers are doing! I've also linked up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Lots of inspiration!

Happy Stitching