Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Circles Rule!

It has been super busy here lately, and will get much worse over the next week! I am going to be a Grandma sometime in the next 2 weeks!!!!! Happy Dance!!!! My daughter is due the 21st and I will be flying out to be with her. I'm sure you will all be sad for me when I tell you she lives in Athens, Greece. I know, I know, you have to do what you have to do. If it means I have to spend 3 weeks in Greece that is the sacrifice I will have to make. The quilt top you see is a gift for her Mom and Dad In Laws. I am quilting that tomorrow. Now I need to make a baby quilt by next Wednesday too. It's not totally my fault that the baby quilt isn't made yet. You see, dear daughter could not decide on what colors she wanted. As an excited grandma I bought several cute panels, border prints, cutesy prints etc. And what has she decided that she wants..................modern in grey, white and a touch of yellow.  I guess I will be making many colorful primary baby quilts in the future. The new fabric purchases for the baby quilt are these.

 And now for some Kitty pictures. Here is Honey. Turns out she had been eating my feral cat's food for a couple of weeks. We caught her and found out she was 12 and originally from one of the shelters. We decided to foster her for them as no owners could be found. She was skinny at just over 6lbs and had many abscessed teeth. A total of 17 teeth were removed. She was in so much pain that even under general anesthesia her jaw was chattering and they had to give her needles on top of it. Here she is 2 lbs heavier, happy and showing how well she matches our rug.
Camouflage Cat! perfect match

Several weeks around such a gentle creature who never hissed or scratched even though she was in tremendous pain and the result was inevitable. WE ARE A FOSTER FAIL!Welcome home Honey!

Happy Stitching