Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yayyy! I finally sewed something!!!

I've been going crazy without my sewing time. Determined to take part in the FNSI, I ignored the shoulder issues and sewed a little something for Halloween.
I still need to add a couple of buttons in the center of the stars, a couple of emerald beads for the cat's eyes and a binding. I'm itching to finish it, but the pins and needles have returned in the arm so I better leave it for another day. Now I'm off to see what everyone else has done!

Happy Stitching

ps Thanks Heidi for changing up the rules a bit for the FNSI. It's great having the whole weekend to post!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I won the FNSI draw in June and my winnings arrived on Friday! I cannot wait to make the owl pincushions!!!! Fellow blogger Sandra (Suddenly Sandra) makes these really cute owls shown here. I've hinted left, right and center to make one as a giveaway so I could win it, but alas, she hasn't taken the hints. Well Sandra, it turns out I'll be able to make my own adorable owls now - so there! LOL! You should check out her blog, she makes some wonderful little zippered bags in different shapes and sizes (and a really cute penguin that I've got my eye on!).

 In case some of you don't know what the FNSI stands for, it is the Friday Night Sew In. A virtual sewing get together, hosted by two cousins, Bobbi (Crafty Vegas Mom)  and Heidi (Handmade by Heidi). A hundred or so quilters link up with the goal to get some sewing done on the designated Friday. The next day we post our results, big or small. It's wonderful to see all the projects everyone was working on. There is a prize draw too! Even though I can sew any day, I actually plan my sewing for that evening (or try to). I look forward to it every month. A big thank you to Bobbi and Heidi for hosting the event (and for my lovely prize)!

My blog hasn't shown much sewing lately and still might be a little while before it does. It turns out I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder which has seriously curtailed important activities - such as sewing and computer time. While it gets worked on, I've been enjoying the outdoors, sipping on iced coffee and reading. An alarming dust bunny problem is developing but OH WELL - must listen to the physiotherapist and take it easy!

Happy Stitching

ps - Thank you all for your comments these past few weeks. Typing really aggravates my shoulder so will respond when I'm back to normal. Just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate them and haven't been ignoring you!