Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love Yellow. My neighbor does not

I love the color yellow. I don't use it much, but I love it! One day I will make a sunshine yellow quilt, but not today.

This afternoon I was sitting outside with the dogs, enjoying some dappled sunlight and a soft breeze, admiring my beautiful yellow flowers. My neighbor was out so I headed over for a chat, proud to show her my beautiful yellow garden.
"Are you going to get rid of those soon?" she asked. Looking around at my wonderful dogs frolicking around the old tree stump in the middle of the yard my heart skipped a beat. "Why? They are like family to me!" I exclaimed, horrified at the thought of ever losing my boys! After a slow shake of her head she replied, "Not the dogs! The darn dandelions!!! They will be going to seed soon and will completely cover your yard if you let it go any longer!". So I gave in, and started pulling out my pretty little flowers.

Sometimes I wish I was still 6. Dandelions were beautiful then. I used them as pretty pillows for my Barbie to rest her head on. Nothing was prettier than a wreath of dandelions, or a bracelet (because it took way too long to make the string of dandelions long enough to wear on my head.) The perfect gift for Mother's Day. I can still remember gathering up as many as I could find and handing my Mom the beautiful bouquet. She loved the flowers I gave her, proudly displaying them in a crystal vase on the dining room table. The roses my Dad gave her relegated to the old buffet.

Yes. I miss the days when dandelions were beautiful. I still think dandelions are beautiful, I just don't say that out loud!

Happy Stitching!

PS   I wanted to thank you all for voting for my Dragonfly quilt at the Quilting Gallery. First place was won by Margeeth's gorgeous "Water Birds". I tied for second place along with the lovely quilt  "Alone Among Us"!  It was very exciting!

I'm not entered in this week's contest all about Wildlife, but fellow Manitoban Myra from Tactile Pleasures in Fabric has entered her lovely quilt "Gone Camping". It definitely got my vote! If you have a moment, click here to vote for it!  (Once you get there, you have to scroll down the page a ways to see all the quilts and the place to vote).


rubyslipperz1052 said...

Your Dragonfly quilt is really wonderful. If you didn't tell me it was a quilt...I was thinking it was a beautiful painted artwork. It's so intricate...really pretty!


canuckquilter said...

Our neighbours don't like the dandelions either - so we've been pulling too. I also remember the dandelion bouquets, though mine ended up on the windowsill :) Your dragonfly quilt is wonderful!

Molly said...

I've never understood why some people stress out so over dandelions. They harmless and, in fact,some people eat them. Enjoy your yard and revel in the pretty yellow while it lasta :)

donna said...

Wow I love your dragonfly quilt. I also love yellow flowers and I mix it up with purple or lavender.
I am so glad you stopped by to visit. I will add you for the Thimbleberries giveaway.

Helimo said...

Your dragonfly quilt is beautiful and I love yellow too!

Thank you for visiting my blog...;)

Cheryl Allison said...

Thank you for leaving a link to your blog on my site. The dragonfly quilt is breathtaking! And dandelions ARE beautiful, especially in Canada and in the Ozarks where people appreciate them for what they are. :)

Barb said...

I love yellow, don't like to wear it but love it...Your dragonfly quilt is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your tie for second. The dragonfly quilt is beautiful.

Myra said...

My DH got rid of our Dandelions...8-)

Love your Dragonfly quilt Corina! I didn't even realize that it was yours!!! Duh!!

Thanks for the plug for my entry!!