Friday, April 27, 2012

New Home for Funky Flowers

 My Funky Flowers Jelly Roll 1600 will be going to a new home this weekend. It is one of the prizes in a silent auction for Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. Each year they hold a "baby shower" to raise funds to care for all the orphaned and injured baby wild animals. Over 1700 injured and orphaned wildlife are helped at the centre per year. If you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba this Sunday you should come to this wonderful event held at  the Southdale Community Centre, 254 Lakewood Blvd Noon-3pm Sunday April 29th. You can even get "nose to beak" with their Education Ambassadors!

See you there!


Bev said...

Looks wonderful!!

Starrie said...

That is an awesome quilt :] i love the colours on the black and white background, they really stand out and make it look pretty!
starrie x

Patti said...

Hi Corina! Dropping in to say hi after your visit to my blog! Love, love your work. The Loon is fantastic!! So Canadian! And what a great jelly roll quilt for charity. You are amazing and talented and I look forward to following you.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I love that quilt. Whoever wins that silent auction is going to be very lucky. Wish I could be there to bid.

I'm still collecting fabrics for my black and white jelly roll quilt.

Dara said...

Hi Corina,

I want to pass on the Liebster Blog Award to you. I feel you have a deserving blog that deserves recognition! It's an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers and is meant to create awareness and give recognition to new and deserving blogs. To see where you were featured check out my blog, Congratulations! :)


Andrea @ Sew Divertimento said...

The quilt is beautiful!!! Great job!