Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yayyy! I finally sewed something!!!

I've been going crazy without my sewing time. Determined to take part in the FNSI, I ignored the shoulder issues and sewed a little something for Halloween.
I still need to add a couple of buttons in the center of the stars, a couple of emerald beads for the cat's eyes and a binding. I'm itching to finish it, but the pins and needles have returned in the arm so I better leave it for another day. Now I'm off to see what everyone else has done!

Happy Stitching

ps Thanks Heidi for changing up the rules a bit for the FNSI. It's great having the whole weekend to post!


Karen said...

Ahh, that's really cute! Great job! Sorry to read of your shoulder troubles. Hope you have a speedy recovery from it.

Sandra :) said...

I hope you didn't overdo it - you better be careful! I would go crazy if I couldn't sew -- I might have to spend my normal sewing time ... shopping!!! ;)

Love your wallhanging (I'm a sucker for cats, as the chubby one laying on top of my feet as I type, will attest to :D) - you have a month to get it finished so you take it easy with the handwork!

Jennifer Wingard said...

Love your wallhanging! I don't go all in for Halloween, but if I did, this would definitely top the list of things to make. Totally cute. :) Great FNSI result!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Oh my goodness that is sooo cute, Corina! Glad your shoulder held out long enough for you to get your sewing fix in! I love it, and it will be even cuter with the buttons/beads. Great FNSI!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hope your shoulder gets to feeling better.

Cute wall hanging. I'm new to your blog, followed you from another. I will visit you again, soon!

Carolyn :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute Halloween quilt. I missed FNSI for September but hope to have time in October.

Roslyn said...

This is adorable & if I were not stuck in bed nursing my very bad back with no sewing all week, I would be very tempted to begin another project, this is very hard to resist! I am in total withdrawal to me a day without sewing/quilting is a lost day,LOL.
Hope your shoulder get better soon.

Raman Job said...

this design absolutely rocks! Do you come by your creativity naturally or do you get it from a family brother? Seriously, love this Corina!

Michelle said...

I love it! I'm not quite good at machine stitching the buttonhole stitch yet. (I assume it's machine stitched.) Great job!

Myra said...

Love this wall-quilt!! Awesome!