Sunday, September 13, 2015


Years ago my husband wanted me to make our living room my sewing room. I finally decided to take his advice. Why didn't I do it sooner!!! I love my new space!
A design wall be going up on the wall beside the black recliner.

 Later this year he will install fluorescent light fixtures, for now am using a few lamps.

I've hardly left this room the last few days! Guess there are no more excuses for not get any sewing done!!

Happy Stitching,


a good yarn said...

What a fantastic space! No wonder you didn't want to leave it.

Karen said...

Love your new sewing room! All that natural light and space, must be wonderful. That is such a clever idea, to use the living room. I'll have to consider doing that, as I've always thought our living room was highly underutilized. Your's looks great and perfect for your dogs to keep you company and look outside! :)

Brenda said...

oooooh, so lovely! How did you set your Juki into a cabinet? Does this room have a door you can close on the creative mess?

Tammy said...

Bravo Corina, your new sewing room is fabulous! I'm just pea green with envy all that wonderful natural light. I see you did tons of work to move all those fabrics, shelving, cabinets and machines. So delighted for you on a job well done. Looking forward to seeing your next creations.

Pat said...

What an amazing transition - and beautifully done. You have it all - room to move around, great lighting and everything is easily accessible. Enjoy your new creative space!!

barbara woods said...

just found you on 'justusquilters' following you now

Myra said...

Awesome C!! Lucky you! Enjoy!