Monday, February 1, 2016

17 Quilts Done!

There was a fire in an apartment complex on Dufferin Ave. November 24th. It was on the news that evening. It was so sad to see the residents watching their lives go up in smoke. One of the residents was a young mother of 4 and a full time student at Red River Community College. As she stood there in disbelief, she commented that all she had worked so hard for the last 7 years was gone. It broke my heart. The next morning I got a call from my friend Arlie who was so saddened by the event and the young woman's words that she thought we should make a quilt for each of her kids. I agreed wholeheartedly. Later that evening I found out a total of 17 children were affected by the fire. Well, we couldn't just make quilts for a few could we??!? She agreed (great minds think alike Ha Ha).

We started with a list of the names and ages of the children. Between the two of us we already had 3 finished quilts that were a perfect fit for younger girls and our friend "L" donated a lovely Winnie the Pooh rag quilt. I had a couple of tops just waiting for the right recipients (Arlie appliqued some bright circles on the b&w jelly roll quilt - made it look so cheery!). It was easy to decide what to make for the girls, but what kind of quilt do you make for boys, especially when you don't know their interests? Rag quilts fit the bill perfectly (I know I don't want to make another one anytime soon!). We split up the workload and just started sewing! It actually went quite quickly. I think it was because it became a mini contest to see who could finish their quilt stack first! It wasn't me in case you were wondering.

The quilts were dropped off to the Bear Clan Patrol to be given to the families. I'm told the kids were eagerly anticipating getting their very own quilt. Hopefully we will get to see a picture or two once they have been handed out to the families.

Now it's time to get some quilting of my own done!

Happy Stitching!


a good yarn said...

What a fantastic effort and ift for those who have lost everything. Kudos!

Havplenty said...

What a great giving spirit and a worthy project you and your friends have taken on. There should be a lasting warmth for the recipients that someone was thinking of them.

Pirates, superheroes, cars, sports themes, insects, blues, denims including seams and pockets are all good choices for boys. I always seem to have more boy themed fabric choices than than I do for girls. I used all of the above when making quilts and blankets this past year to give away.

Brenda said...

Wow! Just the two of you made all of those quilts? Good for you!

Tammy said...

Bravo.. well done Corina and your friend, there is something so comforting in a homemade quilt. No doubt the recipients will appreciate your efforts and generosity. This is just so fantastic!!

milainoa said...

Unas labores hermosas, mi felicitaciĆ³n
Un abrazo...

goldencomet said...

WTG Corina and Arlie!! It is so heart-warming to hear of another charity project like this. I always say that the quilters' motto is "Dream it, make it, give it away!! Just now with the horrific fire in Ft McMurray, Alberta, Canada, I am hoping quilters will be busy again. Right now we have been asked not to send items as so many victims have no place to live and/or store them. 90,000 evacuated and whole sections of the city burned out.
Thanks again to you both and such a great effort - 17 quilts in two months! Feel proud.